First blog post

Hey guys I just started this blog site and I intend to help with advice on relationship cause I know how much people suffer in relationships… and I intend to help such people find happiness I’m their relationships. I just hope I can help someone


love is not designed for the cynical

its true, love is not for the cynical. the heart is the greatest source of love and its also the enabler of loving someone so deeply. time does not wait for anybody so love irrationally,love deeply and love wildy. do not hold back on how you feel and learn to spread the wings of love so high it encapsulates that special someone.

True Relationship 

In a true relationship you have that one special person that encourages you,because they know that you are the best at what you do,they are like your back bone,they support you in everything they are termed “your better half”. They don’t judge you based on your past but rather they love the fact that you were able to move on from it. For most girl who were raped or sexually abused while they were children,when they get to meet the guy that loves them that past becomes insignificant and has no hold on them, such men should be cherished. And for the guys who used to do dubious things in the past when they cross paths with the woman made for them they are loved despite their past.

I know how hard it must be to find the people made for you, some times you bump into the ones that treat you bad and take you for granted,you put your all in the relationship even if you know it’s taking you no where. But one day,on a day you may never expect like a flash in a pan love will come your way. Then you will know you have found a true relationship.